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​​ Bio

My paintings are the reflections of all my passions and my love for the arts.

My name is Gina Muxó Ramos and I am a native of Miami, Florida.

I believe I was born with the God given talent to be an Artist.

Always having a passion for drawing, painting, and the ability to express myself through my art. I have fond memories of sitting in my room for hours drawing and painting not wanting to be interrupted. Later in life as a teenager I remember the sense of peace I felt as I sat drawing alone. I began as a self-taut artist which helped tremendously with any inhibitions and expectations, free to create and express myself through my feelings and ideas. Although fears of others interpretations and judgment of my work have held me back in the past, I know that now is my time to share my expressions my feelings and my talents with others. My thoughts and inspirations are translated and interpreted by others in their own unique ways and it is my heart’s desire that my passions meet with the audience’s approval and gratification. Although I love the solidarity when I paint and the freedom I feel to express my personality, make no mistake I love people and love to be surrounded by others and believe in living each moment of life to its fullest. I want to be sure I have no regrets or unturned pages.

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