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 a collaboration on canvas

Orestes Bouzón  &  Gina Muxó Ramos

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​Artists Orestes Bouzón and Gina Muxó Ramos.   Series launch - spectacular never before viewed original works of art.

MIAMI - March 3, 2017 - PRLog -- This series of paintings consists of all unique and original works with no reproduction. The use of dramatic colors, lighting and movements utilizing various complex techniques is breathtaking. The presentation is the culmination of over one year of planning and preparation with over thirty paintings. All of the pieces are mixed media using acrylics and oils. What makes this series unique is the artists, Bouzón and Muxó, simultaneously worked together; in other words, both worked on different parts of the same painting at the same time. That trust is not common among artists. (This series of original paintings will have NO reproductions).


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